Howie Newman
HERE WE GO AGAIN          781-662-2616
Blasted in the Bleachers
Walkin' down to Jersey Street on a scorching summer day
Heading off to Fenway Park, that's where the Red Sox play
The clock in Kenmore Square says almost 2
We're gonna sit way out in center field and this is what we'll do  

Let's go get blasted in the bleachers, act insane
The sun, some beer and all those people
We can even watch the game
I don’t need no runs or hits, just a six pack of Schlitz
Win or lose, we’ll feel the same, it's only a game

The stands are filling up and baby so am I
The batter hits a grounder but I’m flying high
There’s a double play, a stolen base, a fastball up and in
And the batter he breaks his bat.  I’ll drink to that

Don’t say we ain't good fans, we even clean up our cans
When the seventh inning stretch comes, we try to stand up
We’re always nice and friendly and never throw our cups  

The bases are loaded and so am I
There’s a screamin' line drive and I can hear it cry
There’s a close play out at third and the coach jumps up and down
And yells like a spoiled brat. I'll drink to that  

One Day on the Gas Line
I called in sick to the office that day
I grabbed my coat and hat, and I was on my way
Took some food and drink, and a good cigar and set out to gas up my car

Those damn old gas lines ain't getting any shorter
This one was backed up a mile and a quarter
I found a spot and pulled in line and then I took a gander at what was behind  

It was a blue Chevy II, one look at her and my heart fell through
I smiled in my mirror and looked up above
From that moment on I knew it was love
I looked back at her and I had this dream:
If we could ride together,  we could save some gasoline  

I waited on line
'til half past two, read the daily newspaper four times through
I was still in my car at a quarter to nine
When a man came out and put up a sign: "No more gasoline today"
I don’t take things like that lyin' down, so instead of driving back into town
I lit up a smoke and decided to stay, I’d be first on line the very next day

I walked back to her Chevy and said with a smile,
"Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.
Would you like to come back to my car and you might
Even consider spending the night"

Well, she said yes, we had a grand old time
We ordered a pizza and sipped on some wine
We drank and talked on into the night
She fell asleep on my shoulder and I held her tight

I was still on line the very next morn
When I was rudely awakened by the blare of a horn
"Get moving pal," the policeman yelled
The station was open, gasoline was on sale

So I filled up my gas tank, I was still a bit drunk
And I filled an old waterbed I had in the trunk
Filled up the ash trays, put some in the spare
I had stars in my eyes and nary a care

I was feeling real good, it was a beautiful day
Then I saw that blue Chevy peeling away
I screamed and I shouted, but she just drove along
Then I said a few  things I can’t repeat in this song

My heart had been shattered like a dropped piece of glass
Now I think of that girl every time I buy gas
I don’t suppose I’ll ever see her again, she’s left me here to sing in vain
Words and music by Howie Newman
©2001 Howie Newman, Chin Music (BMI)