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Howie Newman – WHEN YOU’RE HAPPY (I’m Happy, Too) – 2016 Major League Records

Howie Newman is "not quite sure how to describe this collection of songs." Americana? Roots, folk,
folk-rock, singer-songwriter? Who knows? Who cares? It’s just fun, whimsical, and beautifully
produced (check out the work by a team of wonderful featured musicians, especially Jackie Damsky
on fiddle).

It is true, Howie has updated some of his earlier creations, but "My Baby Can’t Parallel Park," "Our
Kids Aren't Kids Anymore," and "My Last Cup of Coffee" are all worth hearing again. But there are
a number of new songs as well, including the sweet title track, a live recording of "Where is
Everybody?' and Howie's most recent baseball song: "The Ballad of Mike Hessman (Minor League
Home Run King)." Everything on this CD is enjoyable indeed.

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WTPL-FM, Bow, N.H.
This is the one CD I keep locked and loaded in my car! Whenever I'm in need of the lifting of my
spirits I just press play and Howie is there to provide the cheer. Every song comes complete with
the relatable lyrics and clever melody that we've come to know from this very gifted and unique
storyteller, singer and musician. I guarantee "When You're Happy" will put a smile on your face
and a bounce in your step.
Melrose Weekly News
Melrose singer-songwriter Howie Newman has released a new CD and, like his five previous
albums, it contains mostly humorous material. There are, however, some very personal and
touching songs as well.

The album, When You’re Happy, explores the various facets of everyday life – marriage, parallel
parking, old cars, parenthood and money – with a mostly whimsical twist. It’s equal parts country-
rock, jazz, pop, swing, blues and Americana, with tight arrangements and pleasing vocal
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Malden Advocate
The new CD by former Malden resident Howie Newman has a decidedly local flavor. On three of the
songs he is backed by his children, Keith and Jen, who both graduated from Malden High School.
Keith (Class of 2010) plays flute on one track and sings backup vocals on two others. Jen (Class of
2005) provides backup vocals on two songs.

In addition, Malden resident Tim Ray lends some dazzling piano work on three songs. Ray, a
longtime pianist for Lyle Lovett, has also performed with Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt.
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"My Baby Can't Parallel Park" is a gleeful, humorous song in a musical mode which might be
characterized as Hippie Folk – think of Have Moicy! by the Unholy Modal Rounders, or of Jesse
Winchester in one of his lighter moods, or of Pure Prairie league with just a little of the
smoothness of James Taylor.

The title track is an appealing bit of 1920s hokum whimsy; the song "Where Is Everybody?" is a
witty compilation of the excuses which promoters make when turnout at a concert event is low,
and "That Old Car" is a jaunty Western Swing styled number.

There are also some more sentimental tunes such as the fiddle-driven "Our Kids Aren't Kids
Anymore"; the humble and melodically appealing "Low Tech," and the upbeat love song "Reality

This is a pleasurable romp sure to appeal to people who appreciate folk songs with a bit of gentle
Francis DiMenno
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The Noise
March 2017
"Fun, whimsical, and beautifully produced"
"It will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step"
"A pleasurable romp ... with a bit of gentle humor"
Metronome Magazine
May 2017
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Howie Newman melds folk, pop, roots
and a lil' bit of country into his playful songcrafting fare on his latest
10-song offering,
When You're Happy (I'm Happy, Too).

Making spot-on observations about love, life, marriage, children and
everything in between, Newman does a stellar job of chronicling
those moments with a light heart and telling voice that may remind
listeners of Livingston Taylor.
"A stellar job of chronicling life's moments with a light heart and telling voice"
Recorded by Rob Ignazio (who captured Newman’s vibe perfectly), the addition of top-notch local
players like Jackie Damsky on fiddle, Billy Novick on clarinet, Tim Ray on piano, Todd Glacy on drums,
Joe Kessler on mandolin, Janet Feld on vocals, Rob Ignazio on bass, son Keith Newman on flute
and daughter Jennifer Newman on vocals, round out this well performed and recorded project with
their respective talents.

There’s no filler here gang. This is the songbook of life and Howie Newman captures the very
essence of those moments with charming accuracy.