Howie Newman
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Music Morsels
Howie Newman manages to weave solid musical abilities with a quirky sense of humor to
perhaps dub him something of a "stand-up comedi-usician." He proves that you can be clean
with your humor and still be very funny. In fact, musicians should really appreciate some of the
sardonic humor behind songs such as "Big in Belgium" and "Buy My Record."

"Low Tech" and "That Old Car" are songs that everyone can identify with, and you can also tap
your feet and clap along with them. Newman has created songs that are enjoyable and uplifting,
and try to be, well, fun – something that is quite rare in music these days.
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Bill Copeland Music News
Howie Newman's latest CD, You Shoulda Been There, is a collection of his previously recorded
songs in live coffeehouse performances. Newman offers many of his audiences' favorites with a
breath of fresh air from the in-person energy going on in these rooms.

Warmth and humor are as key to Newman’s songs as all the other singer-songwriter elements.
Like a good sportswriter, he can convey intense drama in a breezy, easy-going, laid-back style.
The true talent of Howie Newman is he can get to the heart of a matter without getting in your
face. He merrily glides over the surface of his topics, giving just enough detail to let you know
the gravity while keeping you in a lively upbeat mood. Bravo.
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Wildy's World
Howie Newman is also one of the most engaging singer/songwriters on the New England folk
circuit.  His humorous and ultimate human observational songs put listeners at ease, and his live
presence is as folksy and down home as you could imagine.  Newman recently released a new
live EP, Y
ou Should Been There, a highly entertaining CD featuring Newman at his best.

Newman keeps things simple on
You Shoulda Been There, letting the sweet authenticity of his
songs speak for itself. While Newman's songwriting generally stays on the lighter side, there's a
palpable heart to his work that you simply can't ignore.
You Shoulda Been There is highly
entertaining. There will always be coffee house stages waiting for performers like Howie
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Melrose Free Press
First and foremost, Melrose resident Howie Newman is a performer. His shows are hilarious,
interactive, spontaneous — and just plain fun. So it’s no surprise that he put together an album
that bottled the atmosphere of a live performance.

You Shoulda Been There is a highly entertaining collection of tunes that strike a chord with people
of all ages. If you can’t make it to one of Howie Newman’s live shows, this is the next best thing.
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