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YOU CAN'T FOOL ME          781-662-2616
You can fool yourself, you can fool yourself
You can fool yourself but you can’t fool me
You can tell the world everything's just great
You can fool yourself but you can’t fool me

Verse 1:
You can poison the water, pollute the air, it’s out there for everyone to see
You can whine all you want about a crisis at the border
But the crisis is really in D.C.     

Verse 2:
You can tell fairy tales about all the accomplishments
Those who pay attention know the score
You can repeat all the lies and all the denials. They don’t hold water anymore

Verse 3:
When you cater to the wealthy and the big corporations
That doesn't do much for you and me
Pretend that it’s all for the good of the people. Who it’s good for is easy to see
Words and music by Howie Newman     (C) 2019 Howie Newman     Published by Chin Music (BMI)
This is a protest song about those who are blindly supporting President Donald Trump and his
corrupt administration.
Recorded by Musicians for Democracy
Howie Newman
Joe Kessler
Chris Faris
Bobby Vogel
Jennifer Newman
guitar, lead and backup vocals
backup vocals