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If you like baseball and music, have I got a deal for you.

Yes, I am doing musical baseball shows again this year, all around the greater Boston area and in
New Hampshire. OK, I know what you’re thinking. Whoop-dee-doo.

And you
're probably wondering: Exactly what is a musical baseball show?

Here’s the lowdown: I play baseball songs (mostly original), offer up baseball trivia, tell a few
stories about my days as a sportswriter and basically have a lot of fun over the course of an hour.
And get paid for it. What a country.

Not only that, I actually give away a couple of my baseball CDs. The shows take place at senior
centers and libraries.

You also get to experience some of my personal baseball memorabilia, such as a photo of me
interviewing Bruce Hurst when he was with the PawSox, an original bumper sticker (along with
Sports Illustrated piece) from my
"Dump the DH" campaign and a lyric sheet of my Tug McGraw
song, autographed by the subject.

All of this and more – for free. That’s night. No admission charge. Nil. Nada. Rien. Niente.

So check out at This page has the complete schedule,
a description of the show and other assorted propaganda.  At this point, there are 19 shows
scheduled, from Cohasset to Fitchburg to Holliston to Dover, N.H. Most are in the late morning or
early afternoon, although there are three evening concerts.

If you work, it’s worth taking the day off. I’ll even write you a note.

For the second straight year, my folk-rock duo, Knock on Wood, performed at Rockport New Year's
Eve. This year we got a better time slot and had a great crowd. In 2017, we had the 10 p.m. to
midnight shift and well, everyone knows that acoustic music fans tend to be ahem … somewhat
older than the typical rock
'n' roller. Needless to say, we didn't have a huge throng for the second

But 2018 was terrific. We added in a bunch of new songs and had a grand old time. Hopefully, we
be back this December.

Speaking of Knock on Wood, we're now in our fifth year. What started out as a whim in 2015 with
a few outdoor shows has evolved into a major presence on the New England acoustic music circuit.

All right, maybe that
's overstating things a bit. But you get the drift.

Knock on Wood consists of me (acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica) and either Joe Kessler or Steve
Latanision. They’re both studs on fiddle and mandolin. Fiddler Jackie Damsky also performs with me
on occasion. We play a lot of my songs and a lot of classic rock covers.

Last year we did 28 indoor and outdoor shows in the greater Boston area, New Hampshire and
Maine. We’re hoping to surpass that number in 2019. For our upcoming schedule, videos and other
info, see
the Knock on Wood web page.

In response to the ongoing mess in Washington, D.C., I've written a couple of protest songs which
are now part of the concert repertoire.

I have plans to record them and market on-line with all of the proceeds donated to candidates
who support democracy. It
's the least I can do. If you're interested in learning more, send me a
message and I’ll let you know the latest details.

Here's my concert schedule.