Howie Newman
APRIL 2019
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be soon, see below)


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That’s the title of a new song I’m going to record. What’s it about? You've got to be kidding. Have
you been following the news the past two years?

've enlisted several musicians who are donating their time (not to mention studio sessions) for
this project. It will be marketed on-line as a single with all of the proceeds donated to candidates
who support democracy. I realize that not everyone feels this strongly about the damage done by
this current administration, and that’s your prerogative. But I want to exercise my first amendment
rights in an effort to effect change.   

If you
'd like to hear a live version of the song and see the lyrics, visit www.howienewman.

In the coming months, I
'll be letting you know how you can support this effort.

I also have a similar song called
"You Can’t Fool Me," which is also going to be recorded. If you'd
like more information about this project, shoot me an

My mom passed way last month at the age of 94. Among her many other wonderful traits, she was
a tremendous source of encouragement and support for my musical endeavors. I was fortunate to
be able to perform several shows at her assisted living residences over the years. That was
something we both really enjoyed.

She appreciated my songwriting and sense of humor, and I actually referred to her in a few of my
songs. Mom was able to embrace the notion that music wasn
't a big money-maker but something I
truly loved. And if I loved it, she loved it, too. That’s the kind of person she was. I
'll miss her but I'll
always be inspired by her inspiration and positive outlook.

I've booked 22 of them this year and about half were performed in March and April. There are two
in May (see
my upcoming schedule) and a bunch of others over the next few months. If you're in
the area (and even if you aren
't), check it out.

For more info, see

The summer music season will be upon us before you know it. Knock on Wood, my acoustic folk-
rock duo, has lined up 18 summer concerts (and counting) so check out the
schedule and make it
down to a show. They are all free.

We kick off the summer tour on July 7 in Ashburnham. Our final indoor show of the spring is May 11
in Northboro.

Here's my concert schedule.