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JUNE 2017
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In case you missed it, the June edition of Metronome magazine had a nice spread about me and
my new album. It even had a photo of me on the cover.

OK, you didn
't see it. And you’ve probably never even heard of Metronome. Here's a second

I'm happy to report that my new CD, When You’re Happy, has been aired on more than 20 radio
stations nationwide, including four times on the nationally syndicated Midnight Special. Nine of the
10 tracks have been aired.

This bit of marketing analysis is limited to airplay that I could actually verify. In all probability, the
total is much, much greater. I would think that just about every radio station receiving the CD
aired at least one song, or at least thought about it. Or maybe re-gifted it at an office party.

The good news is that I haven
't seen any copies available on eBay, which is where many forlorn
CDs wind up after harsh rejections by radio stations. For example, my live CD, You Shoulda Been
There, is out of print but you can order a copy from Germany through eBay for just $42. I
'm not

If you still don
't have a copy, go to the When You're Happy web page, where you can check out
sample tracks, see the musicians credits and read some self-serving propaganda.

If you
'd like to purchase a copy, that certainly would be appreciated. Just go to the CD page.
Individual tracks are available from iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.

In case you're wondering, I did send a copy of the album to former minor-leaguer Mike Hessman,
who is now a hitting coach for the West Michigan Whitecaps, a Single-A farm team of the Tigers.
And, although I didn
't connect with Mike directly, he did have some nice things to say about the
song (The Ballad of Mike Hessman, Minor League Home Run King).

In a story posted on a Michigan website, he said that he
"enjoyed it. Obviously, for someone to
write a song about you is pretty cool. So I really appreciate that.

To read the entire story,
click here.

The Whitecaps offered to let me sing the song at their stadium if I paid my way out there so I’m
still mulling it over and trying to figure out a way to convince my wife that vacationing in Grand
Rapids is a good idea. If any of my loyal readers have any ideas, feel free to share.

Another nice piece ran in The Press, a Toledo-based publication. Hessman played seven seasons
for the Toledo Mudhens.

To read the story,
click here. No offers from the Mudhens to perform at their stadium. Not yet,

So far, I've booked 15 outdoor summer concerts, starting with a June 15 date in Southboro and
ending in Charlestown on Sept. 13. In between, we’ll be hitting (alphabetically) Andover, Bedford,
Canton, Chelmsford, Holbrook, Mendon, Litchfield (N.H.), Raymond (N.H.), Walpole, Weymouth and

To be honest, I don’t really know where all these places are. But I promise to find out between
now and the concert date.

To see the whole schedule, visit or my concert page.
Hopefully, there’s a concert near you. If not, drop me a line and I’ll give you a ride. I’m not kidding.

Here's my concert schedule.