Howie Newman
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Here's the song I promised:
It's from the album, Trust me You'll Like It
Lyrics below. Feel free to sing along.
Snow is comin', I saw it in the paper. I bought some chains and a plastic ice scraper
I looked up at the heavens and gave a sigh
'Cause y'know that I get really down and I consider leavin' town
When I see that white stuff falling from the sky

When I was a kid, I thought snow was cool, it looked so nice and closed down school
And we built snowmen out in the yard.
But now that stuff has lost its thrill and snow is just a bitter pill
And one that I've been takin' pretty hard

Outside it’s snowin', the winds are a-blowin' and all the while I'm knowin'
I’ll be trapped here for days
Of all kinds of weather I think snow is such a pain
'Cause you can’t get stuck in the wind and you don’t have to shovel rain

We can seed the clouds up in the sky, beat the heat, dehumidify
But when that snow comes, our hands are tied
I admit it might have more appeal if I were a polar bear or seal
But I'm just me and I just wanna hide

I don't ski and I don't sled but I once slipped and broke my head
Walkin' in that winter wonderland
I’m gonna move someplace where it doesn't snow like Timbuktu or Oklahoma,
Puerto Rico or maybe Japan

Words and music by Howie Newman (C) 2006